data Center Issues

Update on Webconnect DC   Today the data store drop connection to one of the controllers , It failed over to spare bank and placed the servers  in read only mode to protect data Cause was a fault fibre cable to switch , cable didnt completely  fail Intimately was on and of 20 percent of services was afect at the time  3.29pm  to  5.30 ... Read More »

4th Dec 2017
Scheduled Outage - Zimbra Mailbox Servers 16/11/17 8:30-9:30pm

Affected Service:ZimbraSummary• The Zimbra mailbox servers have developed unusually high loads. We will be rebooting each of them one at a time to lower resource usage.Outage Window• Thur 16/11/17 8:30pm - 9:30pmService Impact• Zimbra Email servicesCustomer Impact• Servers will be rebooted one at a time. Customers with mailboxes on a ... Read More »

16th Nov 2017
Welcome to biznessconnect

  BIZNESS CONNECT INTERNET & MEDIA SOLUTIONS   Bizness Connect.Com Limited is offering ICT solutions and services in New Zealand market providing Internet Infrastructure and services solutions, Networks Solutions, Software & Applications solutions for diverse corporate and businessCreating internet SOLUTION & SERVICES for your ... Read More »

22nd Aug 2017
Unscheduled Outage - - July 26 - 11:54am

**UPDATE** 12:51pmThis issue has now been resolved. All services are operating correctlySummary The Web server is down due to an unknown server failure. An engineer is heading on site to investigate Date \ Time 26/07/2017 - 11:54am Service Impact Web and email hosting Customer Impact Customers who have web ... Read More »

26th Jul 2017
Get Epp Code or udai Problems

we are currently having issues with get eep or udai in client error

Please email us at and we will action this for you

5th Jul 2017
Email certificate issues

We have been advised that there have been issues with some clients not seeing the updated certificate in their email application.
It is likely that the email client has cached the old certificate instead

To resolve please close and re-open your email client. If required restart your computer

31st May 2017
.nz Domains


We are having issues with domain system  and are investigation with purchase and renew.

29th Apr 2017
Xtra/Spark Email change over 24rd march

Xtra/Spark Email change Over on email servers 24/25 th of March , We have noticed that clients are unable to send due to xtra blocking ports 465 and 993 and not allowing mail to flow other than there own

we are talking with them to resolve this.

24th Mar 2017
Issues with Cloudflare

There are currently issues with Cloudflares NZ servers. Traffic is being re-routed to servers in Australia. 

This may cause some websites utilising Cloudflare load more slowly

Please see for updates

9th Feb 2017
Xtra bouncing some emails with -all in SPF record

We have had reports that emails to email addresses are being bounced because the SPF record of the domain is set to 'HARD FAIL' or "-all"If you receive a bounce back with wording similar to  <> (expanded from <>): host[] said: 550 5.7.1 Message rejected ... Read More »

8th Feb 2017
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