Big Noise Group Limited is a a company that has come from a retail / wholesale / events back ground to setting up our own network, giving us a edge over other webhosting companies with the ability to adapt to new conditions in the market.

About Us

Working from Home @ the age of 17  Wiremu started Supertint Window Tinting in Hawkes bay  

Business commenced in October 1989 from home in a specially built garage where Auto Tinting, Flat Glass, and Commercial Tinting were carried out, trading under the name of  Supertint. After 6 months we joined a group called Dial a Tint which was a nationwide outlet.

As demand grew the business expanded into Car Security and finding ourselves out growing our premises we moved to Stoneycroft Street, Hastings and expanded into Car Audio, soon new premises were needed and we moved into 714 Heretaunga Street West Hastings, where we added a showroom to the small shop and erected our installation bays out back of the shop, and our new name of Supertint, Big Noise Car Audio was born.

In 1992 we became a Limited Company. 

A great passion for quality sounding systems saw Wiremu entering into Soundoffs around the country with several awards to his credit, - Holder of the New Zealand and Australasian title for SPL ( sound pressure level) with a record breaking 155.4db in 1995 and up to the latest competition in 1999 @ 168.9db under the Iasca/dbdragracing rules. Team Big Noise is the only company in New Zealand that has broken the record 8 times, this was over a 5 year period, which then set a high standard for competitors to chase. Big Noise was the first in the country to hit the 150db, 160db and also 170db, Our highest reading of 172db was acheived @ an Autosalon event in Auckland. - artical to follow. Due to the high levels achieved in the dbdrag our car has not competed since, but if we think someone is nearing our old title you will see us again.

1996 saw the family return to the business,  holding key positions in the Company, have steered it to its present day operations. Several years were spent at 714 Heretaunga Street West, but in 1999 saw us on the move again to 501 Heretaunga  Street West Hastings, a  larger premises with everything under the same roof and able to expand if necessary.

Year 1999 / 2000 Wiremu became Alpine GAIT approved giving him a diploma in the Global Alpine Institute of Technology.

Year 2000 we joined forces with Telecom with the jetstream gaming ralm ,from our premises we were hosting  gaming servers for New Zealand.

Year 2001 jetstream gaming ralm had a few changes and left us with a client base of over 12000 gamers. Due to Telecom change in service we approached James from to host our servers to carry on the gaming ralm I must say if you are looking for the best ISP company in New Zealand then Inspire is the one
In 2001 Team Big Noise took over running the soundoffs in New Zealand, this meant we had to hang our boots up in the SPL/DBbdrag arena.
2001 We opened our doors to the Internet, Wiremu our entrepreneur, spent many hours learning the ins and outs of a web page design and after several months our webpage was up and running. Email Soultion was hosted in house

2002 with the growth of Window Tinting we joined forces with a Window Film Company and joined TintMagic nationwide, securing high quality film, currently we have 18 stores throughout the country.

2003 saw a revamp of the webpage to sell goods online to the world. Opening our doors to online shopping we had created a job for a new person, Following this a few months later we were approached  by several companies to build them a webpage, This saw a whole new side of the company expanding into webpage development. We then set up site

July 2003 we ventured into Mag Wheels joining Nathan Joll - formerly Mag and Turbo, and created together Nathan Joll created a unique feature called The Virtual Showroom, this enables a client to see the mags of their choice fitted to their own vehicle image on a big screen, with the addition of Mags & Tyres our name expanded again to reflect the type of products we sold - TintMagic, BigNoise, Magwarehouse. Com.
As of 2007 there are 13 Stores.

July 2009 We purchased a computer cut tinting machine to speed up our window tinting systems making us the first in New Zealand to move with the times
Aug 2009 we let the group due to down turn in the market

September 2009 we purchased servers to host our clients websites / systems and created a new relationship with Airnet Hawkes Bay but this was short lived as we had out grown their data center and the were unable to supply our needs and moved out February 2010
Vmware VSP 4 Certified Partner

February 2010 our data center came online in our own building

We Joined forces with local ISP WASP NZ to deliver a very unique service. We have built secure Data Centres located in Hastings and Napier. It is an essential part of every business today to have their data stored off their premises. The Datahives as they will become known have large capacity for data storage and inbuilt virtual servers that not only run the centers but in an emergency can become the client server so that their businesses can remain operational should their own server be damaged, stolen or suffer hardware failure. Both companies have developed identical operations so that clients in each city  backup by day to their respective data center and at night both data centers then backup each others entire content. This concept is a first for any provincial area and it protects our clients from the threat of fire, earthquake, tsunami, power outages. Hi speed wireless services are offered by WASP to connect to this service. It is a very cost effective service and one that a good proportion of Hawke's businesses are already using. In a nutshell the client gets triple backups of their data.
Services                                     24hr backup service
Data storage                              Archival services
Emergency Virtual Server           Secure content monitoring
Server hosting / co-location       Emergency Virtual Server
Domain name hosting                DNS hosting
Instant data recovery                 Email hosting
Web Hosting                   

March 2010 We have entered into the Audio Hire

Pro Audio/Lighting/ DJ's/Ticketing/Promoting

We have the JBL line array rig powered by top of the range QSC power amplifiers. this amounts to clear, non distorted sound at all volumes. Processors such as equalisers, compressors, limiters, gates and effects units can also be supplied along with various microphones, stands, DI boxes and mixing desks. Also employed are the latest in LED lighitng technology, consisting of par cans, pin spots, moving heads, and effects lights, along with conventional lasers, strobes, mirror balls, smoke machines and hazers. Big Noise can provide a qualified sound engineer and a variety of Hawkes Bay's best DJs to suit any occasion. Sale and hireage of Pro DJ equipment such as turntables, CDJs, mixers, headphones and consumables such as cartridges and needles are also available. We can help with your event ticketing and promotion as well.

2011 seen our companies W.Paipa Ltd BigNoise Audio and BigNoise Webdesign and hosting come under the one name BigNoise Group LTD. Check out our services here

2013  We relocated our datacenter from the second level to the first level into a pod contained featured here

our build was revamped to get it a fresh look and show all our services



We are still operating from these premises today with a showroom featuring a large range of quality products.

Car Audio - Alpine, JBL, JVC, Panasonic and Fusion Audio. 

Car Security - AVS, Mongoose, Steal Shield and Dynatron.

We have workshop facilities to install Car Accessories, Lowering Springs, Mags and Tyres, Tinting, Car Audio and Car Security.

No job too small or too big. 

Advantages of Appointing Us as your Supplier and Installer 

  • Specialist business which associates themselves with the leading Suppliers.
  • We offer an extensive range of Car Audio with a large selection of  quality brands surpassing all others in excellence.
  • A large range  of Mag Wheels exclusive to us
  • Certified Insurance friendly car alarms - thru to most desirable alarms to suit.
  • Tinting of Vehicles to approved WOF standards. Using films with a lifetime, nationwide warranty.
  • Flat Glass Tinting  (Homes) covering a wide range of tints to cover your specific needs with a life time warranty.
  • Finance available to approved purchasers.
  • Good back up service with a valuable knowledge of the industry to acquire the necessary.
  • Warranties on all work.
  • Provide professional and efficient service. 

Big Noise, considers itself well qualified to meet your requirements and responsibilities outlined above to complete satisfaction.

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