Web Connect reseller domains name makes it easy to manager your clients all under one portal ,                                                  

we have developed a system that saves you time to automated these functions 

If your are a hosting provider or webdesigner this product will save you money and time

Reseller Doman Pricing

Total Domains .NZ Pricing .GTLD  
15 $27.83 $21.75  
15-99 $21.50 $18.60  
100-249 $20.50 $16.60  
250-499 $19.60 $15.60  
500-949 $18.50 $14.20  
950+ $16.60 $13.20  

All prices for registration and renew and exclude GST. 
GTLD inculdes .com, .net, .org, .com.au, .co, .co.uk a Restore fee of $150 apply to doamins GTLD in redemption period

  •  Payment System support Credit Card / bank Deposit
  •  We require a pre-paid basis on your account and it is deducted on register and renew
  •  CSV export of domains
  •  Update clients domain information
  •  Api integration with Major billing platform like WHMCS / Hostbill with our module
  •  Our Api Documentation http://www.webconnect.nz/knowledgebase/37/domainsReseller


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